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Boeing 727-100 VIP

Boeing 727-100 VIP
Год выпуска 1967, Стоимость: 0.00 USD
Категория Реактивные 
Серйиный номер 19261 
Номер N727PX 
Регион США 
Произ-тель двигателя -9A 
Налет, часов 33000 
Комментарии к инспекции On Boeing low utilization maintenance program with annual C inspections. Current on maintenance. Maintained to Pt. 125 standards. 
Авионика Upgraded avionics with RVSM, FM Immunity, 8.33KHz, TCAS-II. Dual Litton Laser INS, UNS-1K. 
Доп. оборудования increased MGTOW of 169,500. Stage 3. Pats auxiliary fuel tanks (8.1 hours total fuel). 
Описание интерьера 23 passenger VIP interior features forward private stateroom with private lavatory and shower, large main lounge with VIP work desk, large dining room/separate conference area, small aft lounge, and large aft gourmet galley. The aircraft can be toured at www.wentworthjets.com 
Описание внешнего вида Overall white 
История повреждения N/A 
Коментарии Owner wants aircraft sold! This is a Page Avjet conversion with wonderful layout. Interested parties may contact Wendy Bierwirth at Wentworth & Affiliates, Inc. Ph 1 301 869-4600/fax 1 301 869 2700. Email to sales@wentworthjets.com (we can only respond to email senders who provide their name, company and phone contact numbers — thank you) 
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